Developmental league

About the Developmental League
The Developmental League is way for players to enjoy the game of basketball a high level. Are goal is to creative a positive environment for the athletes. Players can escape and enjoyment through the game of basketball in an area of completion among their brothers to test their skills and more importantly, their passion.

Each team must a coach/ captain who will be the spokesperson. He will recipient of all information related to the league and will be responsible for relaying them to the players.


Each team will have a 10 player’s roster. Players are not allowed to change teams. Rosters are finale after the first game. Player can only be added to a team by the commissioner.

Requirement from all the players playing in the league:


Every player must sign the waiver form before playing in the league. If you don’t sign the waiver you will not be allowed to play.


Ten minutes grace period. After the 10 minutes grace period, one (1) point per minute will be awarded to the team that is ready to play. The team not ready to play after 10 minute grace period forfeits the game. (The coach/captain will be charged a forfeit fine of $40.00 dollars. The fee must be paid before playing the next game.)


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Developmental League Rules

1. Time: 4 ten minutes quarters.
(The clock will stop last minute of second quarter and
last two minutes of the fourth quarter)
2. Overtime three minutes.
First minute running and last two second stop.
3. Time outs: two 30/1 full time-outs per half.
First half time-outs do not carry over to the second half.
4. Volitions and Timeouts: the ball will be taken out on the
sideline free throw line extended.
5. All teams require to purchase there own jersey’s or t-shirts they must have number on the back. (No taped number or marker numbers) If a player doesn’t have right number the opposing team will be rewarded 6 points.
6. We are not responsible for injuries that may occur during
the normal course of play.
7. No jewelry.
8. Advancing Ball: The ball can advanced the last two minutes of second half if there’s timeout called off the rebound. Once you dribble or pass it at the spot where you called the timeout.
9. Individual Fouls: Players will foul out on the fifth foul.
10. Free throws: you can only line up five players.
(defense 3 and offense 2)
11. Free throws: Fifth teams foul of each quarter 1 plus 1.
12. Referees have the authority to dismiss any person from the facility. Referees calls are final.


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