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Nadia Yang

My daughter Nadia Yang has learned a lot over the years with EAA basketball.  She has been with EAA Basketball since she was in 3rd grade. Over the years, EAA program with Coach Cook has taught her how to improve her game and teaches her good fundamentals. EAA program has great coaching to better prepare your child for better competitions. She is presently still with EAA program. She is now a freshman in high school and is currently a starter on Varsity for South Elgin High School.  As a parent I would recommend EAA basketball to anyone that loves to learn and wants to get better in basketball. EAA program helps you learn and pushes you to get better. In the games any mistakes made my daughter learns from them and next time pushes to do it differently and better.  I am so proud of my daughter and everything she has accomplished thus far, and more to come in the future. As a player and as a person she is very well respected and respects others.  She loves the game, and she loves teaching and helping others as well. She is a team player and has good sportsmanship. She loves a challenge, challenges make her better. EAA has helped her in so many ways and we see improvement throughout the years she has been in basketball, EAA has helped her build character at leadership not only on the court but off the court as well. Outside of basketball it makes her a better person. I would definitely refer them to anyone.

(Parents of Nadia Yang)


Lexi Baltes

I began playing basketball for Coach Cook when I was in 6th grade. At that time I had not met anyone that came close to matching his knowledge and passion for the game of basketball—nearly ten years, four high school varsity letters, and one NCAA Division III National Championship, Illinois Wesleyan University later, the same remains true. Coach taught me more than the skills of the game, he taught me how to love and respect the game in a way that helps me stand out from other players. And while I am now in college, I still turn to Coach for advice, correction, and instruction. Basketball is a very important part of my life and there is only one person in which I would entrust my basketball career.


lakiya harvey Signs at University of dubuque!!

Well I am very proud to say that I am going to be furthering my education and athletics at the University Of Dubuque!! when I moved out here in 6th grade I didn't expect to become who I am and I didn't think I would even be playing basketball. I would like to thank my parents specially my mom... Most people dont know that my mom was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and that really made me want to work harder and do good for not only myself but for her...My GRIND comes from my struggles soo THANK YOU MOM Lakinya Black Queenand I would also like to thank all my family for always supporting me WITH EVERYTHING I DO! Tianna Stewart THANK YOU for not only being my teammate, my friend but my sister my left hand, my Fatman!!! you have pushed me to be a better person We became soo close this year and Im going to miss you soo much You motivate me to work hard and be the best!! I swear im never going to for get you heart emoticon and also THANKS to my brothers and sister for pushing me everyday and for giving me the movtivation that I need to wake up everyday!! telling me im weak or playing with me outside and coming to all my games even though sometimes it was hard to watch LOL I love you guys and YOU guys are up next!! and thank you to my none blood brothers and sisters man Joseph Span Desmond Douglas Ciara Edwards Jemiyah Janessa Terrance Allen Lavion Baldwin Tyreese Riley yall been there since the larsen days where I was just throwing the ball up on the backboard and yall always made me laugh and thank yall I know everyone gone make it big !!! Its been real E-L-G-I-N thank you soo much I will always be a proud M-A-R-O-O-N!!!



Since working with Jim Cook, my basketball game has seen an overall improvement. Jim's knowledge of the game has allowed me to enhance my basic fundamentals, as well as my shot, endurance and basketball IQ. Jim creates a positive, constructive and encouraging environment to learn in. His coaching has pushed me to my limits and made me realize anything can be accomplished through hard work! I look at Mr. Cook not only as a basketball coach and teacher but as a mentor and a friend.

Corban G. Murphy











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