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Dear: Jr. NBA League Families, (formerly known as Mighty NBA League Families)!

Welcome to our League! We would like to say a big Extreme Attack Athletics hello and welcome to our program. Welcome back to all our returning families and thank you for continuing to support our programs.
A special reminder that you are a spectator watching youths, learn and enjoy the sport of basketball. Remember that our coaches and referees are volunteers doing their best to make sure all our participants have the best experience possible. Please do not pressure or criticize the staff or youths. We do ask that you continue to encourage them throughout the season to do their best, cooperate, learn and most importantly have fun. Trying to win is natural, but it is not the primary objective of the Jr. NBA League. Building character, fundamental skills and respect for others is more important than winning a game.
We welcome any spectators that wish to come out and volunteer their time to assist us in improving the program. We are so glad you are here to help make the experience a supportive one for your child. Please do not hesitate to let us know your concerns/feedback.


We look forward to your participation in our program this season.


Dates To Remember:
Season: Judson University March 4th- April 29th
Skill Evaluation: Mach 4th, 2018 (12:00pm-1:00pm) All Grades, All players must attend the evaluation day. This year will not be allowing whole teams to sign up. All teams will be drafted.
First Game: March 11th (No Games March 25th and April 8th)


Who Is My Coach?
You will be contacted by your coach after the draft. If by March 8th you have not been contacted, please contact us at


Team Practices and Games Schedules:
Teams will practice twenty minutes before they play the game. All practices and games take place on Sunday. Game schedules will be posted on our website.
All players will receive an Jr. NBA uniform. Please indicate the top and bottom size for you child on the registration form. If you are in debut of your child’s size, a little too big is always better too small. If the uniform does not fit, we WILL NOT be to order a new one.

Extreme Attack Athletics Staff,


Cost: 80.00






Game Results

March 11th
Celtics 18 vs Rockets 16
Cavs 26 vs Warriors 28

March 18th
Warriors 14 vs Rockets 18
Cavs 22 vs Celtics 28

April 8th
Rockets 28 vs Cavs 15
Celtics49 vs Warriors 23

April 15th
Warriors 10 vs Rockets 31
Cavs 11 vs Celtics 34

April 22nd
Rockets 22 vs Celtics 20
Cavs 25 vs Warriors 23